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2011 Egypt Team Shares Their Experience

February 15, 2011 0 Share

The following pictures come from the winter camps that Stephen’s Children hold for their children.   Typically, 80 to 100 children from the dumps of Cairo come to a camp facility where they spend two days and two nights.  The counselors work on deepening the children’s knowledge of Jesus Christ and teaching them to pray to Jesus.  The children also receive new clothes and shoes, medical services, dental services, school supplies and three meals a day.   Every year for the past five years St. Andrew’s has provided a doctor and nurse for the medical clinic.  The doctor this year was Medhat Salama an American of Egyptian descent, from Kaiser Permanente and a member of the Evangelical Egyptian Church of Arcadia. Our nurse Carol Brock had to return to America early as her daughter gave birth to a new son seven weeks early. However, we had two able team members in Dave Fish and Esther Behnam, who capably filled her duties.  The St. Andrew’s Mission team also buys school supplies and brings the supplies to the camps to be passed out to the children.  Sally Myers from the St. Andrew’s Choir was a recipient of one of the $100 bills passed out by Dr. Kannwischer and she donated her $100 to the Egypt Mission Team to buy school supplies this year.  Every afternoon at the camp, the St. Andrew’s Mission team provides a Bible study and this year we chose the Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd.”  The St. Andrew’s Children’s department provided our mission team with a large picture book on the Psalm 23.  Our lesson taught the children how they are like sheep and Jesus Christ is our shepherd who takes care of us.  The 600 children who heard the Bible story over the three days we were at the camp were fascinated with the large picture book and loved working on the Bible Craft entitled “Thankful Journal” or in Arabic “Journal of Thankfulness.”  You will see several children holding up the journal (diary) in the pictures.  This was the 10th year of traveling to and service in, Egypt, for the team leaders Dave Fish and Monica Moore who have been blessed by becoming the Egypt Team leaders in 2007.  We ask for many prayers for the country of Egypt and the Egyptian people during the next year as they rebuild their new government and their country back to greatness.

– Monica Moore and the Egypt Team

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