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A Family Legacy: The Hovers and St. Andrew’s

April 17, 2018 1 Comment Share


Bill and Marie Hover’s family is integrally tied to St. Andrew’s; some would say they even grew up together. From the start of St. Andrew’s through today, generations of his family have been coming here and growing with God within our community. Each generation has found their own space to belong.

“It all started around when St. Andrew’s started, about 60 years ago,” says Bill. Marie’s parents, Dr. Mac and Gerry Somers started coming to St. Andrew’s, and their children, including firstborn Marie, went to the St. Andrew’s Preschool. Dr. Mac, 88, still attends services even after his wife’s passing in 2014.

“I met Marie at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo cafeteria,” says Bill, “and she led me to the Lord. She told me ‘if you want to be with me on Sunday, you can find me at church.’” They married at St. Andrew’s in 1974 and eventually settled in Newport Beach. Their children Juliette, Philip, and Lavonne went through St. Andrew’s Preschool, went to Newport Harbor High School, and were involved as high school youth group leaders. Eventually, Bill’s grandchildren, Sam and Harper, came along and also went to the same preschool.

“The preschool has been such a blessing,” says Bill. “It’s Bible-based, pouring love into the kids and nurturing them in a way that can’t consistently happen in a more public setting. There is a deep level of trust with the parents and in the integrity of the teachers.”


Harper and Sam are also in the Cherub Children’s Choir and the legacy continues. “Each of our kids have come to the Lord at this church,” says Bill. “At Gerry’s memorial, Harper heard that her great-grandma wanted everyone to know Jesus, and that is her prayer still.”

Bill appreciates the teachings from the past and present, like the LABS classes, and the renovation of the campus that he feels makes it more intriguing for multi-generational exposure. For himself, for those who came before him, and for those who come after him, Bill is grateful for the church. “St. Andrew’s has provided a lot of blessings and provided many threads for us to weave into the cloth of our family life.”

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One response to “A Family Legacy: The Hovers and St. Andrew’s”

  1. Karen Taillon says:

    Lovely memories of Couples’ Retreats with Mac and Gerry, and various family members over the years. Purple on Hovers.

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