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A Mother-Daughter Bond Strengthened by Community

February 20, 2018 0 Share


Each Friday, a small group gathers together to stuff bulletins for the weekend services. The task itself may be monotonous but the conversation rarely is. A community has been formed here over time, with women of all age groups and stages of life. Freda Chase began to join the group with her mother, Julie Ann, earlier this year.

“I was so fortunate to be a part of this group for the last few months! I have been here in California from Scottsdale, Arizona, to be my mom’s helpmate as she was going to have surgery. Coming along with mom on bulletin stuffing day was such a gift to us both. While we are all together, the ladies talk and visit about life. We have shared heartaches and joyous events with one another, as well as hard times needing prayer and encouragement. Bulletin stuffing really gave my mom and I a chance to connect in a deeper way than we ever had. It is a joy to be a part of weaving into the fabric of St. Andrew’s!”

Our lives are enriched by the quantity and quality of our relationships and interactions with others, especially within an all-generations community. At St. Andrew’s, we value and uphold the mingling of generations, believing that it adds immeasurable value to our community.

To serve on our weekly bulletin stuffing team, please email rachell@opulent-decision.flywheelsites.com. To read more stories like this, Click Here to check out the latest issue of Table magazine!

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