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A Prayer Written for our Rummage Sale Volunteers

May 15, 2012 0 Share

The following is a prayer, written by Bryan Eckelmann, to bless the meal during the Rummage Sale preparations.

“Gracious heavenly Father. Redeemer of the rubbish. Savior of the scrappings. Deliverer of the debris. King of the cast-offs. And lord of the lost… and found…

Thank you for this litter-loving legion of volunteers. Thank you for their dedication to divesting and their passion for purging, knowing that these sacrifices of scrappings will advance your kingdom and support the missions of this church. We ask your blessing on each person who will give up their time – or their treasure, or their trash – this week. And we pray for the missions that will be furthered by this rummage sale. This week especially, we are reminded of your love for the tossed-out, the cast-off, and the flung-aside. Give us this same heart for the rejected.

And finally Lord, bless the food, and may its nourishment ready us for rummaging, in your holy name and for your kingdom, Amen.”

Join us this week for the 2012 Rummage Sale! Click Here for more info.

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