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A Whittier Serve Day Thank You

September 3, 2014 2 Comments Share

Dear Whittier Elementary Volunteers,

Thank you so much for your service on August 23. In just a few short hours, we beautified the campus by planting bushes and flowers, painting murals, touching up poles and doors and generally putting the shine back on the campus. Each bit of effort was noticed. I was blessed to represent St. Andrew’s on Thursday morning when Principal Scott Wilcox shared a slide presentation of before and after shots with school staff. The teachers were so appreciative and all smiles – actually laughing and cheering as pictures of red crayons, huge dolphins and new plantings appeared on the screen.

Your efforts not only blessed the school, but they reminded the teachers that they are not alone. They work in a community that cares for them. Thanks to your service, St. Andrew’s now enjoys a relationship of growing trust, built on a shared vision for the students’ academic success. Keep an eye out for more on this during Send Weekend (Sept. 20/21).

We’re excited about the opportunities to work together moving forward. Six St. Andrew’s volunteers have already committed to joining the Volunteer Reading Team, which will start in early October. These people will spend 1.5 hrs./wk reading to students at the K-3 grade levels. As we work alongside teachers and students to address educational preparedness at Whittier, we trust there will be God-directed opportunities to share our faith in word as well as deed.

Thank you and may God bless you richly for your service,

In Him,

Dan Wendell










2 responses to “A Whittier Serve Day Thank You”

  1. Brynn Kelly says:

    Thank you St. Andrew’s volunteers! As a teacher at Whittier, I returned to school from a medical leave towards the end of summer to be greeted by a lot of awfully excited teachers. They were amazed at number of St. Andrew’s volunteers working all over to freshen up our campus on a Saturday. Volunteers were everywhere they looked and working diligently. Our principal told the teachers to shoo and go work their classroom to prepare for school. “Wow, you really mean we don’t need to do everything by ourselves.” St. Andrew’s showed such kindness, generosity, and care. When we walk on campus, we can see and feel the difference. Thank you for joining with us to help our Whittier family and community. You all were totally awesome! St. Andrew’s rocks!

  2. Diana Thompson says:

    St. Andrews Church,
    Thank you so much for all of your love and support of our students, teachers, and staff. We choose to teach at Whittier because we love our children. We know they have not had all the benefits other children may have received. We work extra hard everyday to try to be the best teachers we can for our students. Sometimes Whittier is their safe haven where they are cared for. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and alone trying to do so much. By giving your time to support us means so much. We dont feel alone. We feel other people care about our children. Our students and staff feel valued. Thank you for all you do for our school. It is wonderful to have your support.

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