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Children Accept The Kingdom Assignment

January 20, 2011 0 Share

Last Sunday, 8 year old, Samantha, eagerly rose her hand in church when Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwischer asked for volunteers because she “likes to help people”.  To her surprise, he handed each volunteer a $100 bill and charged them with the mission of furthering the Kingdom of God with the money.  So, with a crisp $100 bill in hand, Samantha journeyed home with her parents to brainstorm how she could further the Kingdom of God.

This past Wednesday, during WATCH ‘s Christian Education portion of the day, Samantha was interviewed by Janice Zorn on the opportunity given to her on Sunday. Samantha shared her ideas and took suggestions from fellow WATCH children of what she should do with the money. 

Samantha says she has come to a conclusion of how she is going to further the Kingdom of God with the gift given to her.  Stay tuned to see the video of her interview with Janice Zorn and see how her decision surprised and inspired fellow WATCH kids!

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