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Alpha Story

August 28, 2020 0 Share

St. Andrews was able to host Alpha online this past spring and summer, and we discovered Alpha is more popular than ever!  We had people from multiple states meeting from the comfort of their own homes on Thursday evenings. During our time together, we created community, watched videos together, and shared our thoughts openly. Encouraged by the robust conversation online, all of our Alpha leaders have enthusiastically asked to be a part of facilitating Alpha online again this fall. 

If you’re not familiar with Alpha, it’s a series of interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eight to ten weeks. Each week looks at a different question around faith designed to create open conversation. The talks explore some big issues and unpack the basics of Christianity addressing questions such as “Who is Jesus?” and “How can we have faith?” Through our weekly gatherings, we share perspectives in an open, friendly, non-judgmental environment.

God is working; in those seeking truth, those new to the faith and those of us continuing to pursue Him under grace. What great hope we have because of this great God that cares about each of us! Here are some of the participants’ takeaways from our recent online Alpha series: 

“I don’t want to doubt anymore, I want to become closer to God.”

“I learned more in these past 10 weeks and became closer to God than ever in my life up until this point.”

“God made us curious beings and he wants us to continue seeking truth and learning and growing and strengthening our faith. Being in conversation with believers and non-believers keeps us ever searching, defining and reaffirming our beliefs, which in turn strengthens our faith and brings us closer to Him.”

Alpha has helped me reestablish my faith and draw closer to God.”

“Although I have been most moved in Alpha by the skeptics and the seekers and their realization that God is real and alive and loves them, I believe we all reach periods of “dryness,” seasons of isolation and loneliness, and wonder if God still hears us. God can do a “new thing” no matter where we are in our spiritual journey.”

Have questions of your own? Need a safe place to explore faith and talk through real questions and doubts? Our Fall Online Alpha starts Thursday evening, September 17th, and will continue for 10 weeks ending on November 19th.  We’d love to have you join us. Sign up here or contact serve@sapres.org for more information.

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