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Anita Sherbanee Creates Space to Belong

September 24, 2018 0 Share


Making a good first impression is as simple as being friendly and welcoming someone new. When Anita Sherbanee met two first-time visitors to St. Andrew’s, she created a space for them to belong. “I was a bit late and so I sat toward the back in an area where I don’t normally sit,” says Anita. “There was an open seat next to a young couple named Maria and Daniel. I introduced myself and asked if it was their first time at St. Andrew’s; and yes, they said it was. They were just married and had moved from Chicago to Fullerton recently as Maria was starting graduate school and Daniel was beginning a new tech job in Irvine. Before the service started, I got one of our magazines for them and shared that it would give them an overview of what was going on that summer. The sermon that day could not have been timelier, with a message that first impressions usually take place during the first 7 minutes. My prayer was that their first 7 minutes were positive.”

When the service was over, Anita invited the couple for coffee at the Corner Café, and they readily accepted. “We chatted for half an hour, and I could tell they were enjoying the ambiance and vibe of the campus. They shared that they had been trying different churches but hadn’t found a fit. In short, they were looking for a church that provided both Biblical depth and a heart for missions. Toward the end of the conversation, Daniel said he wanted to stay a bit longer because he liked it here. When we concluded our time together, I gave them my card and told them they could contact me any time if they had questions, and that I hoped to see them back. They had no friends or family locally and were a very sweet couple. It was obvious that the Holy Spirit was working in me that day and led me to them. I ended up truly blessed!”

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