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Stories of Reaching Out to Our Neighborhood

February 18, 2011 0 Share

“Today I completed my Kingdom Assignment and want to share the results with all of you. First of all, by the end of the week, after receiving the $100 from Richard Kannwischer, the sum had multiplied to $500. Others and I added our $100 to the opportunity; then I began praying and asking God how he wanted to use his resources. What God directed me to do was to give $100 to each of five Charities.

1) Amazing Grace Ministries – they share the gospel with seniors in convalescent homes. One of their volunteers is an elderly widower who has dementia and has been moved into assisted living. There is a need for some furniture for his room.

2) Qoheleth Ministries – they feed the hungry in Orange County.

3) American Spartan, Inc. – they seek out and assist wounded veterans and their families. Double amputees need their cars maintained and will value the support.

4) Kidworks – they help restore “at risk neighborhoods”…one life at a time in Santa Ana.

5) Influencers West – I gave to the benevolence account to assist out-of-work men and their families who need assistance paying their rent, mortgage, and groceries.”

– Thaddeus

“I will be giving the $100 to Ensign’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Club to help purchase pizza during the lunch meetings. My daughter attends this club and brings others that don’t go to church. I am encouraged that kids who do not attend other church functions have the possibility of getting connected through FCA. This is a way for my family to impact the lives of teens that may not know who God is and plant a seed for life.”


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