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Arnold Hinojosa and Whittier Elementary School

March 6, 2018 0 Share


On Friday, March 2; over 50 volunteers celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with our neighbors at Whittier Elementary School! Friends from St. Andrew’s engaged the students in fun and laughter while igniting a passion for reading.

Member, Arnoldo Hinojosa, came to Whittier for the second time as of Friday. He was able to read a story and briefly speak into the lives of the third graders to whom he was assigned. Arnoldo explained that he could easily relate to the students at Whittier, where a substantial number of students are still learning the English language because he first learned English at his elementary school.

Serving in places like Whittier give volunteers an opportunity to connect in the public school system with students and parents while walking alongside them in their formative years providing guidance and love. “I am so glad that we have ministries like this,” said a beaming Arnoldo. “I am so tremendously encouraged and blessed to be a part of St. Andrew’s.”

To learn more about our partnership with Whittier Elementary School, please visit www.sapres.org/extendingthefamily or email whittier@opulent-decision.flywheelsites.com.

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