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Asylum Students on the Value of St. Andrew’s Community

May 9, 2017 1 Comment Share

Jillian and Paige are both seventh graders who regularly spend time in our church after school. They are both extremely active in our Jr. High Ministry “Asylum.” Paige and her family have been attendees of our church for years and Jillian found our church only months ago. Director of Junior High Ministries, Stephen Angulo, asked them both to explain why they value the community in our church. Their responses are below…


The community at St. Andrew’s is important to me because I know when I go there I will always have someone who cares about me to talk to. It is a safe place for everyone. When I go to St. Andrew’s, I never have to be worried about not fitting in or being left out because everyone is so nice and makes everyone feel welcome. St. Andrew’s is such a special place to me and my friends and teaches us to be honest, responsible, and about God to live a better life.” – Jillian Bauer, (Ensign 7th Grade)


The community at St. Andrew’s is so important to me because we make others feel welcome. I think that feeling welcome is one of the greatest things. The reason for this is that when someone feels welcomed they can let their guard down and they feel free to be themselves. I have been blessed to be a part of this place and I am able to be myself with the St. Andrew’s community. – Paige DeCinces, (Ensign 7th Grade)

For info on this and other student ministries, please visit www.sapres.org/ministries/children-students-families.

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  1. Grandma She says:

    I’m so proud of you-a great example of living God’s word.

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