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Ben and Jim’s Unexpected Fellowship

April 24, 2018 1 Comment Share


God places us in spaces and places to meet people who can help us grow and know Him more. All we need to do is have an open, willing heart to receive. When Ben Wilson met Jim from St. Andrew’s, both were willing and greatly blessed. “Over two years ago, I was challenged personally that I needed to grow in a lot of areas, and I became deeply aware I could use some wisdom from someone who was willing to invest in me,” Ben shared. “Coincidentally, I was asked to help film a wedding by April, the church videographer at the time. The wedding was for two choir members; the groom was Jim. One day, Jim and I met to go over a rough cut of the wedding video, and he asked me three questions: ‘What would you wake up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to do, what do others say you’re good at, and one other challenging question’. I was deeply touched that he cared enough to ask, and I knew God had set this up for me.”

Over the course of the past two years, Jim and Ben have continued to meet regularly, nearly every week. Jim has helped Ben through roommate drama, relationships, housing advice, time management, and much more.

“He challenged me to spend time alone with God to calm my worries, give me the strength to endure, and light my path,” said Ben. Jim once asked, “Why do we work?” and suggested the answer was so that one had the opportunity to give. “His steady commitment to invest in my life has given me a source of peace and wisdom, as well as a constant person to fall back on with whom to trust and grow,” says Ben.

Jim turned a business meeting into a space for Ben to belong by asking questions, caring, and challenging him in positive ways – which in turn created a lasting friendship that rewarded them both. To read more stories like this,Click Here to check out the latest issue of Table magazine!

One response to “Ben and Jim’s Unexpected Fellowship”

  1. Joe Cristina says:

    What a great story. Two great guys. I know, because I know you both!

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