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Best of Israel Tour: Home

April 19, 2013 2 Comments Share

Our group traveled home today. We just arrived. What a journey we had together, with memories to last a lifetime!

2 responses to “Best of Israel Tour: Home”

  1. Barbara Carr Freeman and Hope Carr says:

    We loved our new friends, John Batarse and David Ludwig….who really enhanced our Israel experience with their local knowledge and cryptic wit. And here’s to M’K Bosh..their buddy…!

    This blog looks great! Proud of the web master…. ‘makes me love and honor OUR MASTER even moreso…. HE WAS THERE TOO, every step of the way….

  2. Jim Carvell says:

    What a blessing it was to travel to Israel with your wonderful leaders and members. It was a truly uplifting trip where we could see and feel where the ministry of our Lord took place. We were notified of the passing of a dear cousin while we were on the trip and the love and support of John and Rich and the rest of the group was so helpful.
    Best to you all.
    We hope to visit St Andrews some day.

    Jim and Nell Carvell
    Dallas Texas

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