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Born to Ride and Abide

December 18, 2018 0 Share

When Bruce Nelson was thinking of ways to create a space for the men of St. Andrew’s to belong, he thought outside the box for the annual Men’s Retreat. Instead of just focusing on attracting the masses, he went deeper to the individual level and appealed to a man named Keith. Bruce found Keith’s interests and created an experience that was like a personal invitation just for him.

“We were planning the Men’s Retreat and tried to think of ways to pull new men into the experience,” explains Bruce. “I remember that Keith liked to ride motorcycles but might not necessarily attend the Men’s Retreat in San Bernardino, California. So, two other friends and I decided we were going to make motorcycle riding to the retreat an optional opportunity. I wanted Keith to join us and the ride sealed the deal. Keith attended and enjoyed a life-transforming experience at the retreat.”

Attending special events like this have benefits far beyond the event itself. It often leads to memorable, life-changing moments and new, lasting friendships. “Since then, we stay connected and pray for each other,” says Bruce. “We’ve already committed to ride to next year’s retreat.”

When we abide in Christ as Christ abides in us, we seek to do as he did – reach the lost, include others, and love openly.

Our annual Men’s Retreat is a two-day getaway with an overnight stay and features lunch, a speaker, and time for fellowship and discussions that inspire us to get closer to God, our families, and one another. For info on this year’s retreat or to learn more about our Men’s Ministry, visit sapres.org/ministries/men.

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