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Campus Renovation Update | Week 21

August 16, 2016 2 Comments Share


There is a lot going on this week in construction! Our campus will be very busy again with the pouring of concrete and replanting of trees. We expect to pour concrete for the Fountain Wall at the end of the week. This is a very exciting milestone!

Work will continue to be done in the Lower Lounge and classrooms, Coffee Corner, Atrium, Reception, and Plaza. As always, we greatly appreciate your patience and workability during this exciting time of transition.

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2 responses to “Campus Renovation Update | Week 21”

  1. Bill Lightcap says:

    The construction is moving along. We have not had a financial update on the money received for the 2020 Vision, nor the money that has been spent or committed.
    How are we doing on the construction budget?
    Bill Lightcap

  2. standrews says:


    Thank you for staying engaged with our Welcome Home 2020 Vision to Create Space to Belong renovation work! Our business office of the church is planning to send out a mid-year financial update to our members and givers both the operating fund and the 2020 Welcome Home Vision next month. We will also include a financial update on the Create Space to Belong renovation for both expenses and income. For your information today, and others who are visiting our St Andrew’s blog, we have provided a sneak preview of our Welcome Home 2020 Vision with July month end financial update. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in the church office for any additional questions on the renovation or budget. Stay tuned for our full mid-year financial report in September.

    Serving together

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