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Celebrating Home Recap – March 29

April 1, 2015 0 Share

With great joy in my heart and gratitude for our amazing congregation, I can report good news about our “Welcome Home” campaign. As we announced at our celebration on March 29, 929 participants have committed themselves and their resources to seeing our vision for the next five years become reality. With a commitment thus far of $21,913,632, the congregation has met and exceeded our goal for the campaign! This is wonderful news!

What does this amazing response of our members mean for St. Andrew’s? First, we can – and will – fully pay off the mortgage and payment to our former denomination, insuring that we can move forward unhindered by the interest payments on these debts. In addition, we can begin to make our 2020 vision for ministry and mission a reality. I cannot describe to you my excitement for the next steps like planting new churches, increasing our campus’s welcome, bringing our St. Andrew’s worship experience to those who are homebound, creating a discipleship institute, and taking 100+ children in Orange County out of homelessness. We’d love for everyone in our church to be a part of the 2020 vision. The more of us that decide to participate, and the more that give, would enable us to see God’s Kingdom extended even further!

Today, my gratitude to God is mostly for the way our congregation stepped forward in courage and commitment. I am privileged to serve a loving and godly community of servants who embrace challenges and seize opportunities. Your generosity and sacrifice encourages us all and will bless our community for years to come! IMG_3176 copyIMG_3218 copyIMG_3314 copyIMG_3364 copyIMG_3391 copyIMG_3392 copy

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