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Celebrating Life by Helping the Lives of Others: A Life Group Story

June 17, 2013 0 Share


“One of our Life Group members, Kelly and her husband are expecting their first child, a wonderful blessing. Our Life Group wanted to give her a baby shower. Well Kelly was thrilled but she only wanted us to celebrate and not give any gifts.  Both of their families and friends had been very generous and they didn’t need a thing. Hmmm … but we still wanted something special for her baby. After Kelly thought about it, she asked us to consider giving baby gifts to a family in need.

After a bit of hullabalooing, we aligned ourselves with Project Hope’s families in need of baby items.  They also needed some help in restocking their pantry for their families. The decision was agreed upon in less than 3 seconds!  In this photo, we honored Kelly’s unborn baby by lifting him up to the Lord, generously giving, and revealing God’s goodness.  A few of us could stay for this photo, but everyone was with us in spirit. Let us continue to welcome and honor every new baby into the Kingdom of God this way!”

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