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Celebrating Our Senior Class

June 8, 2015 0 Share

Last Monday night we had the honor of celebrating our high school senior class of 2015. The night began with dinner down in the student center and followed with a slideshow video that captured the various trips and events they have participated in throughout their time at Refuge. Some parts of the video showed clips and pictures of students all the way back to third grade bibles and earlier.  After the video we spent time affirming the students, encouraging and offending wisdom as they begin the start a new chapter in life.  Toward the end of the evening we gave the students the floor to share.  Many shared of hilarious and heart felt moments, while others shared a fond memories they’ve had with various leaders they’ve built relationships with over the years. It was memorable and something I’ll never forget.  

The resounding anthem from the evening was that the students felt loved, encouraged in their faiths, and that St. Andrews and Refuge is place of safety and another home for them.  There can be no greater encouragement from our students. I attribute much of this to our volunteer leaders who spend not only Monday nights but other days of the week connecting with students whether at a coffee shop or showing up to their various plays, sporting and academic events. We’ve had three leaders in particular who have spent all four years and some even longer with their class.  This takes sacrifice, commitment and a whole lot of love and patience, and for that and more I thank: Peter Prietto, Natalie Mitchell and Michael Prichard.  The evening was amazing and ended with cake and the handing out of senior bibles. It is beautiful to see a picture of numerous students receiving their third grade bibles during the slideshow, and even more encouraging to witness them receive their senior bibles. It was a sacred evening in a sacred space.  I am thankful for the class of 2015, as they have taught myself and many others how to love and live lives that reveal God’s goodness.

Cody Jensen

High school director 

Here is a link to the slideshow that we made to celebrate the class of 2015: 

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