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OCRM Christmas In July

July 30, 2019 0 Share

Orange County Rescue Mission: Christmas in July

What does God do in us when we serve others? What does being one of the chosen look like as we interact with others who are chosen?

The Orange County Rescue Mission: Christmas in July, began in 2013. It gives St. Andrew’s another way to participate in God’s work and serve our nearby community and see how this great God changes us. John Patterson leads the efforts at St. Andrew’s and through his car dealerships and a local fast food franchisee, OCRM was provided with over 4,000 pounds of supplies at a time when their resources are the most depleted. Yet, it’s the connections with each other and relationships as we live as God’s sons and daughters that truly matter.

The gathering of the supplies and taking them to OCRM is just a part of the Christmas in July event. After the delivery, the entire courtyard at The Village of Hope was converted into a carnival of events for families to enjoy games, fun, and great food from Chick-fil-A. What a great time of connecting with students at The Village and the greater church as we all figure out how to live this life following Jesus Christ together. This truly is a place of hope. And don’t get this confused with the idea that “we” provide hope for “them”. The words and phrases from those that serve and participate are “compassion…friends…just like us…my heart is humbled…moved towards justice…softens my heart.”

Thank you for your part as we live into our beliefs and consider how God is moving in your heart as we grow together as followers of his.

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