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COVID-19 Response: Blood Drive

April 23, 2020 0 Share

There continues to be a significant need for blood, plasma and platelet donations in our local Orange County hospitals. Thus, as part of our COVID-19 crisis response, St. Andrew’s will be hosting a blood drive from May 5-8. The drive will be held in Dierenfield Hall and is by appointment only.

As the Coronavirus worsened in the United States, St. Andrew’s was approached by our ministry partner Trellis to ask if we would be one of four churches to host a one-day drive with the Southern California Blood Bank. They initially asked to do a mobile drive in our parking lot on March 27, but in response to the social distancing requirements, the decision was made to move the blood drive into Dierenfield Hall. Since we were the first location to host a drive with the new restrictions in place, we wanted to test how to do it in a way that was safe. The team of volunteers who helped make this possible were meticulous in following all CDC guidelines for those coming to donate.  All of these precautions gave us confidence and enthusiasm to host a longer four-day drive in May.

The Blood Bank’s initial goal for the March 27 drive was to collect 20 units of blood, and we exceeded that, collecting 47 quality units of blood from members of our community! This blood will be tested, processed, and sent to 126 patients who need it.

As we continue in this season, we ask that you consider donating at our next blood drive, from May 5-8, 2020. For more information, and to sign up, please visit my.scbloodbank.org/#/ScheduleAppointment.

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