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Day 6 | Advent Devotional

December 6, 2018 0 Share

Expression | Thursday, December 6
Scripture: John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Of the many gifts God has given, words are among the most powerful. The ability to express thoughts to one another, to convey reason, meaning, and emotion through symbols and sound has allowed humans to cooperate and build culture. Words are how we know one another. In sharing stories, we create room for each other and expand our understanding of each other. Words build intimacy (which is also why they break hearts).

The ancient Greek philosophers believed that there must be a kind of spiritual mind or language that constructed and permeated all of reality. They called this divine reason, the Word, the Logos. When the Apostle John was trying to describe the miracle of the incarnation to the Greek cultural world, he borrowed this concept of a divine Word that hurled the cosmos into existence and caused light to enter the darkness. The most shocking claim he makes is that this divine Word is not some abstract spiritual force, but is instead an intimate reality that became uniquely present among us in the person of Jesus. Equally shocking is the way he introduces this Word: with the phrase, “In the beginning…”. After untold millennia of comparative silence, John is daring to claim that God is telling a new creation story, expressed definitively through the Word made flesh: Jesus Christ.

In doing so, John says that Jesus not only discloses the reason of the heavens, but he reveals the very heart of God and the source of life for all of humankind that was destined before the creation of time. This Word is how we know the Father and how the Father has chosen to draw us into an intimate relationship with him. If you want to know the heart of God, look to his Word. Everything God wants to communicate is embodied in the Word that has come.

Silence for Reflection

Journal Reflections:
•   What does it mean to you that the same power that spoke the cosmos into existence chose to be born among us and become vulnerable to pain and death?
•   When God spoke to the people of Israel, the prophets would declare that “The Word of the Lord” had come. How has Jesus become the definitive communication of God?
•   Spend some time writing a word of thanks to God for sending his Word in Jesus.

Prayer for the Day:
Almighty God, through your speech, you gave life and hope to the universe. Guide me, this day, in using my words to bring life and joy. May the power of the words I use to communicate your heart to others and point toward the Word that came among us, in whom I pray. Amen.

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