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Divorce Recovery Workshop begins this Thursday

September 20, 2010 0 Share

The healing experience of The Divorce Recovery Workshop at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has had over 13,000 benefit from it since 1981!  It has become a model for divorce recovery workshops all over the world. 

I was honored a year ago when Dr. Bill Flanagan, due to failing health, asked me to carry on the speaking for this program for people struggling with the dissolution of their marriage.  We provide a caring and healing touch in Christ’s name that is quite helpful for those going through this difficult period of their lives.

I benefited tremendously myself from this workshop while going through a divorce in 1987. Since then I have been volunteering at it in various capacities, including speaking on the fourth night over 30 times.  In addition to small groups led by trained facilitators after each night’s talk, we also have special programs for children and teens, designed and facilitated specifically to help young people process their parent’s divorce.  It runs 6 Thursday nights and begins this week.

I would deeply appreciate you joining me to extend a loving hand of care to those struggling with marital separation and divorce by printing them this brochure: http://www.divorcerecoveryworkshop.org/images/brochure.pdf      

or by sending them this web address: https://blog.sapres.org/support/divorce-recovery/   

I believe you will be doing them a great favor! 

John Fry

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