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Dominic’s Journey of Faith

June 13, 2017 1 Comment Share


Dominic Loftus, NHHS Senior Class

To quote Dr. Amanda Drury, “Our stories are not our own, they belong to the community.”┬áHere is Dominic’s story…

“I’ve been a Christian practically all my life but I didn’t really know what it was like to know God until my junior year of high school. I always went to church and Refuge but it was just kind of a routine. I’d say the biggest turning point in my faith was when I went on the San Francisco City Impact trip last year. I heard a sermon where the pastor talked about how Jesus never called us to be comfortable, but to follow him where he leads us. When I think back to that trip, it was one of the most uncomfortable situations I have ever been in. We went around and prayed for homeless people and we didn’t know if, when we said hi to someone, they would talk to us or curse at us. Going there and caring for the people that God cares for honestly gave me the first real relationship I’ve ever had with Jesus. Since then, my journey has definitely had highs and lows but it’s amazing because God is always there for me to talk to. Refuge has definitely been a huge part of my faith in allowing me to go on trips and giving me the basis for my faith to grow. I would say to others, don’t forget that He loves you and He has a perfect plan for you.”

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One response to “Dominic’s Journey of Faith”

  1. Chris Greer says:

    Thanks a ton for sharing, Dominic! It’s a great reminder that obedience and loving our neighbor ignites a more personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. I needed that reminder. Thanks for your example.

    Walk on, brother.

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