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El Salvador Mission Experience Recap | Part 1

March 1, 2016 1 Comment Share

El Salvador Mission Experience | February 13-21

When we were preparing our first team for El Salvador in 2014, we had no idea what we were getting into. Building latrines in 95-degree heat was tough, but clearing a space in our lives to be changed by our experience might have proven even more difficult. We helped build 6 latrines on that first trip and felt so thankful to have represented the huge support that St. Andrew’s is to the community there. Even more than that, we were relieved after seeing the tremendous need in the community, that we able to step into a carefully-crafted space that ENLACE helped create with the local church and community associations. Through this, our team was able to minister through hard work, home visits, and quiet conversations.

2015 trip

Since that first trip, we have returned for 3 more weeks of service and collaboration. We were not prepared for the news we received on our last visit to El Cocalito, a community we spent two weeks serving on our second and third trips. Since February of 2015 when St. Andrew’s first partnered with the community, the church and community partnership along with the local mayor’s office have collaborated to build a total of 45 latrines, 2 classrooms, 15 houses, and a 3-bedroom parsonage! All of that was accomplished in just one year! ENLACE’s work of equipping local churches to effectively serve their communities is creating strong relationships among neighbors and local leaders, which creates a sustainable change in the way these neighborhoods look at the difficulties they face. There is no end to the needs in our world, but when you know your neighbors, you also know that you can overcome any obstacle together.

When the houses were completed, a dedication ceremony took place. There is always worship at the dedications, thanking the Lord for His provision.

IMG_2446You can see the houses are mostly tin but have a concrete foundation, a porch with an awning, and locking windows and door. Many homes in the area do not have a door that locks, and many simply do not have a door. Here, residents are given keys to their new homes…
El Salvador_1

To be continued …

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  1. Jean Stewart says:

    Wonderful to see–thank you for sharing. Bless you all–here and there.

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