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El Salvador Update

August 18, 2015 2 Comments Share

The St. Andrew’s El Salvador team arrived safely and in good health on Saturday, August 15. They visited Pastor Miguel who we helped build latrines in August 2014. Pastor Miguel’s team made them delicious pupusas for lunch and the team was able to get some rest before getting their hands dirty with work. photo

Sunday morning, the team went to visit an Enlace partner church down the road in Metalio. They heard a man’s testimony and prayed for him and his wife who have been serving that church for  16 years and are now both having health problems.

From there, they went to El Cocoalito to meet Pastor Isreal and his wife and their 3 children. They ate a meal there and then attended their church service, Kerri introduced the team and preached short message. The team was able to pray for the whole congreagation as they came forward with requests, and Pastor Israel prayed over our St. Andrew’s team and the week ahead. After service they visited for another hour with friends, old and new, before heading back to the hotel for dinner.


Monday the team went to the community of El Cocalito to visit a school. The team aided in digging ditches for the foundation for two new classrooms at the elementary school–which will now go up to 8th grade. They shoveled mud and dirt for hours, cut and shaped rebar, and wheeled the dirt from the digging of the foundation up the hill to create a playground for the kids.


IMG_8830After work, they went back to the church where the ladies of the church had been cooking for hours to serve a dinner in honor of all the community members who have worked so long to get these two new classrooms built. The idea to serve them dinner came from our team and is becoming a new favorite among the Enlace staff.

The team is enjoying their time in El Salvador and blessing the communities there. Keep up to date with the stories and journey of our missions team by checking out our blog!

2 responses to “El Salvador Update”

  1. Tracy Kay says:

    Hooray, April! I am SO proud of you and your team. Stay safe and enjoy the fruits of your labor… knowing that you are making a difference.

    Lots of love from the East coast,
    Aunt Tracy

  2. Dan Wendell says:

    I love hearing about how our communities are walking and serving together to God’s glory. Truly He helps us to overcome any language and cultural barrier. Great work team!

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