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Enjoying Small Groups

September 24, 2010 0 Share

Sermon based small groups have begun and God is present! See what people are saying about their experiences so far:

“Our small group meeting was absolutely wonderful . . . it couldn’t have been better unless Jesus decided to appear before us (He was present, just not  visible . . . hmmmm . . . sounds like our Bible passage!).    I think  we have a great group of women in this small group.  I’m so excited that it’s intergenerational too!  Everyone participated enthusiastically and with kind and generous hearts.  It was really a very special evening.  I feel very blessed to be in a small group with each and every one of them.”

“Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure and joy it was last night in our small group spending time in the Word with the men that signed up for my group. We are going to try to invite more men to join us. I greatly look forward to our meeting again next Thursday!!!”

“It looks like a few of us are already supporting one of our guys with his baptism.  He has instant community where he previously did not have it!”

“For such a time as this, God has brought us together.  My small group meets on Wednesday night.  We all have doubts.  Whether we are believers or skeptics we have the opportunity to be a modern day Thomas and reach out and touch Christ through studying scripture together.  Just like Thomas we all are able to confess that Jesus is Lord over each of our lives.  We are becoming a connected community.  God has something for each of us.  We all have powerful stories of God becoming more real.” Melanie Bruechert.

Who knows, maybe God is calling you for such a time as this!

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