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Fall sermon series launches this weekend

September 10, 2010 0 Share

Don’t miss the Fall sermon series beginning this weekend!

WikiFaith: Know What You Believe

September 11- October 31

September 11/12:
The Blind Approach (Belief and doubt)

September 18/19:
Can I Trust the Pilot? (Hasn’t science disproved God?)

September 25/26:
Why Jesus Matters (How can Jesus be the only way when there are so many religions?)

October 2/3:
How Long? (How can a good God allow suffering?)

October 9/10:
Lost in Translation (Isn’t sin an outdated concept?)

October 16/17:
Honeymoon Brawl (Predestination vs. free will… huh? Does God know/control everything that happens, or do I really have a choice?)

October 23/24:
Want to Get Away? (What will Heaven be like?)

October 30/31:
The Return of the King (What happens in the end times? When will Jesus come back?)


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