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Family is Forever: Tyra Fisher and St. Andrew’s Youth

March 13, 2018 1 Comment Share


Tyra Fisher is the Youth and Family Center Coordinator at St. Andrew’s, and she sees how creating a space to belong positively impacts the lives of youth on a daily basis. Therein, she intentionally sets aside time to be an ambassador of Christ by extending this openness to others. Tyra shares a story about Philip, a sophomore at Newport Harbor High School, and the importance of belonging and family – whether adopted or by blood.

“Family is forever,” says Philip. “Family is a group of people that love to watch you do good and learn. Whether it be relatives or friends, they are always there for you. Personally, I struggle to work in a family cohesively, but I know that no matter the trouble I cause, my family will never give up on me. That motivates me to work on myself and show my family the same unconditional love they show me. Without family, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.”

It is important to remember that we all have flaws and imperfections, but God’s grace and unconditional love never abandons us. We strive to love one another through past mistakes and grievances or any differences we may have. Circumstances come and go, but as Philip said, family is forever.

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One response to “Family is Forever: Tyra Fisher and St. Andrew’s Youth”

  1. Carrie nelson says:

    What a wonderful and mature young man Phillip is! He has realized many true beliefs about being a Christian person. Keep sharing your story as it is about grace and how God’s Love never changes or abandons any of us! That is a true story worth believing in! May God continue to show you His grace!

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