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Finding Freedom Survivor Training

October 9, 2019 0 Share

As active members of God’s Kingdom, part of our call is to care for the marginalized within our own neighborhood. In Orange County, as in almost every city in the world, this includes victims of human trafficking. Women and children who have suffered this abuse need to be wrapped in Christ’s love and they deserve the best we have to offer. 

St. Andrew’s partners with Orange County Rescue Missions as well as Finding Freedom International to support victims of human trafficking. Finding Freedom International’s main purpose is to provide restoration and hope to women and children who’ve been sexually exploited and abused. These ministries focus on providing long term, realistic solutions to survivors, and both need volunteers to come alongside these women and children. Key to both ministries’ beliefs is the idea that a better understanding of the problem in addition to real, practical training makes a significant difference to the lives of survivors. 

Our ministry partner, Finding Freedom International, is offering a condensed training course for anyone looking to be involved with an anti-human trafficking ministry lead by the organization’s founder, Tera Shatsky-Bezko. The Finding Freedom training is for anyone who wants to learn more about anti-trafficking and how to serve in an area where people have come out of an abusive situation. The training focuses on defining sexual abuse, creating safe relationships, secondary trauma, and more. Of the training, one person has said, “I thought this training would be for me to help others… and it is. However, it has given me tools to understand my own issues too.”  If you’re interested in attending, please register below.

October 13 | 12:30 – 5:00 p.m.

As you consider what it means to be an agent of the Kingdom of God, consider how God is already at work within this population. How can you participate in the Kingdom and provide the love and support these women and children need in this time of trial?

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