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Fourscore and More Recap

May 6, 2015 0 Share

On April 25, 185 of the St. Andrew’s “Fourscore and More” family gathered in Dierenfield Hall for lunch, entertainment and fun with friends! The theme of the event was the “Magic of Love” featuring Patrick Bell, an opera singing magician.  A delicious lunch was prepared by Vinnie Sollars and his team, then was served by local cub scouts and girl scouts. As a finale we listened to Mozart as our entertainer escaped from a straightjacket! Many friends were able to reconnect and enjoy a very special day together. Pastor Leah shared a message that though the magic of love,Weld.4.25.15 Scouts.4score.4.25.15 Bill.4.25.15 Butteras.onstage.4.25.15 Bryan.Fanny Fox.Geerlings.Simons.4.25.15 Nora.Julie.4.25.15 as seen in the entertainment was a “trick” and not “real,” the love of God is not magic.  His love is true and everlasting and will never disappear!

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