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Grace Chapel Virtual Tour

August 16, 2011 2 Comments Share

In 1958, the Hoag family, members of St. Andrew’s and significant benefactors to the Newport Beach community, told Pastor Jim Stewart they wished to give a special gift to the church. Mrs. Grace Hoag had previously contributed the funds necessary to help build a memorial, local health center Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, in honor of her late husband. Her son, George, wanted to see a memorial dedicated to his mother as well. George knew of her desire to see an intimate setting at St. Andrew’s to hold weddings and memorial services. He encouraged his mother to make this vision a reality, which resulted in Grace donating the funds to build the first chapel on campus.

The original Hoag Chapel had a beautiful copper roof and was filled with woodcarvings, including the largest carving by local artist Mons Abel on the double entrance doors, a majestic figure of Christ. After Grace died, the Chapel became known as Grace Hoag Memorial Chapel. In the late 80s, when the new Sanctuary was built, the Chapel was torn down and relocated to where it currently stands as Grace Chapel on the southwest corner of the Administration Building.

From the Plaza on our campus, the original Mons Abel, handcrafted doors stand with significant elegance leading you into the now 250-seat chapel where the stained glass window behind the alter faithfully recalls our previous sanctuary. This light and airy chapel, a pillar of St. Andrew’s history, continues to be a favorite place for weddings, funerals and the moments of our lives we have yet to discover. As it stands—in remembrance of a once devoted member of our church family and community—it remains, in her honor, filled with grace.

In 2011, Grace Chapel has been improved in support of our mission strategy for Worship as well as Prepare and Serve Ministries.  This sacred space will continue to be primarily a place of worship.  Recent renovations of carpet, paint and new pew-chairs will provide us with flexibility for the space to be used by Prepare and Serve Ministries.  We look forward to furthering His kingdom with this special place.


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2 responses to “Grace Chapel Virtual Tour”

  1. Vinnie Sollars says:

    Looks very nice that was cool.

  2. It is great when we can be keep a special place as the Grace Chapel sacred and also provide versatility for outreach and contemporary style of worship.

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