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Haiti Team Update #4

May 18, 2011 1 Comment Share

We had goat for dinner!!  It is like sweet beef – very tasty.  Dr. M says he imports most foods because there are few farmers in Haiti.  However, they do grow coffee (better than Starbucks he says), mangoes (sweet and tender), and have creamy and spicy peanut butter (have not tried that yet). The coffee is delicious, served in demitasse cups and not as strong as European coffee.   You can also get 7 Up and Coke in glass bottles. 

Afternoon fun:  The orphanage girls hover around us like flies and tell us “you are my friend”.  They seem so hungry for attention.  They have house moms and are usually very loving toward one another.  Yesterday one girl tried to put my hair in corn rows – didn’t work out too well! Tomorrow is a holiday – Flag Day- so the men will be coming with us to the orphanage. The children will enjoy having men to interact with for basketball and soccer and hugs. 

We will keep you all updated on our work here, but for now, I need to rest before tomorrow’s fun.




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  1. carlita says:

    Blessings. So glad you arrived safely and are already interacting with the orphanage girls.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Kathy!!
    love to all

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