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High School Student Makes A Difference With Her Kingdom Assignment

February 18, 2011 0 Share

“First of all, I am so thankful for being a part of this assignment.  I decided to donate my money to Generosity Water, an organization that raises money to fund wells in developing countries. I also used this assignment to jumpstart a fundraiser at my school to benefit our Generosity Water club, of which I am the vice president. Administration has taken some time to get a response back to me on my proposal, but when they do I hope to start a “Dollar Drive” where our club will be encouraging students to refill a water bottle for a day and donate the money they would have spent to our cause.

This organization means a lot to me, and I really hope I can raise enough money to build our third well! The first two we funded were in Peru and Uganda. I had an experience the other day that sums up my appreciation for this cause: I was showing my mom one of the videos off the Generosity Water website (Click Here) and at the end of the video I found myself crying. I had shown this video numerous times at club meetings and yet every time I watched it, my heart filled up with joy for the Lord knowing that through our work we were dramatically changing the life of someone… with the simple gift of pure, clean water. Thank you so much for this experience, I am so blessed to be able to help those who lack everyday necessities.”

– Megan

Click Here to listen to the current sermon series, “The Almighty’$ Dollar.”

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