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Hospitality is Contagious

October 24, 2018 0 Share

Sandy Chao, a member here at St. Andrew’s, is inspired to show extreme hospitality to others because others have shown it to her. When we care for others, it spreads and multiplies. Extreme hospitality is simply making an effort to ensure that others feel welcome. It starts with a simple smile or “hello” to someone you don’t know and extends to inviting them to gatherings and events, introducing them to others, asking about their lives, having a cup of coffee with them, offering to help them with a practical need, and countless other ways of care and inclusion.

“Jill B. created a space for me to belong,” Sandy says. “I came to hear a multi-site consultant speak to the leaders of St. Andrew’s and our core group here at the Chapel. I met people at my table involved with Children’s Ministry, including Jill, who sat next to me and helped introduce me to the various departments and people. Jill also welcomed my son as we showed up on Serve Day 2016. She has taken time to sit with me at Wednesday Night Dinner and introduce me to more people. She’s friendly, warm, and truly exemplifies Jesus’ welcoming spirit.”

Sandy feels like she has experienced extreme hospitality and relationship-building through Jill’s great example of reaching out, especially since she is a new member of the church family. “I am inspired to now reach out to visitors young and old in our church. I have also met many others besides Jill who practice extreme hospitality and I want to join in!”

This kind of contagious kindness is what family and community is all about. All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling and it becomes something beautiful.

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