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Huffman Youth and Family Center Dedication

November 27, 2012 3 Comments Share

A special thank you to Rev. Dr. John A. Huffman, Jr. for spending the weekend and sharing a powerful message with us! It was great to have him return as our special guest, as we dedicated the Huffman Youth and Family Center.

Click Here to listen to Rev. Dr. John A. Huffman, Jr.’s sermon, entitled “In Everything Give Thanks?”

3 responses to “Huffman Youth and Family Center Dedication”

  1. Stephen Bright says:

    It was wonderful to have John back even if it was just for one weekend. He is terrific. There are very few like him who have a special God-given ability to connect with people. I miss his special way of communicating a simple message with enumerated action steps ( or take aways) that are easy to understand and spoken at my level. I hope he can return at least quarterly?

  2. Lynette Warburton says:

    Is it possible to get copies (transcripts) of this sermon?

  3. Jeff Pine says:

    Can you imagine the impression Rev. John H. made on us.
    Rev. John whom we heard as a guest to your church on many occasions back then when he led the group.
    Blessings on you all and especially him and his family.

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