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Important Update

September 23, 2021 1 Comment Share

To the Lord’s beloved at St. Andrew’s,

As you know, Chap earlier this year announced his plan to retire by February 1, 2022. In such instances, our ECO denomination has a process for congregations to retain a highly skilled and experienced “Transitional Pastor” to allow the congregation to have effective leadership while taking time to choose a new lead pastor. Based on that February time frame, Session Elders and Chap believed the best initial course was to form a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) while reserving judgement about a Transitional Pastor until the PNC process was underway.

Our congregation has elected an outstanding PNC which is working very diligently and has accomplished a great deal. Collectively, however, Session Elders and Chap now share a view that sticking to the original approach puts undue pressure on the PNC to conclude its work. Wishing no compromise in their search process, Session Elders and Chap have concluded that St. Andrew’s should now plan to engage a Transitional Pastor. After prayerful consideration, we have agreed that mid-November is the ideal time for bringing a Transitional Pastor to our Church, and for Chap’s retirement from his position as Lead Pastor and Head of Staff. That will allow us to celebrate Chap and Dee well, prior to the Advent season.

Your Session Elders will update the congregation as the process of selecting a Transitional Pastor unfolds, and as plans for a celebration of Chap and Dee come together. In the meantime, we are very aware of and grateful for your outpouring of prayers and encouragement for the PNC, our staff, and our lay leaders during this time of transition for St. Andrew’s. We sense the Lord’s strength and favor for our church, and we know that a bright future is held securely in His hands.

To His glory,

Your Session Elders

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  1. Marion Coddington says:

    Your selection of Pastor Gary Watkins is an outstanding one. His wife Susan is a fantastic addition. Together, they are an outstanding team!
    My husband and I were members at CPC all through their ministry. My husband passed a few years before they retired. I am so glad they will be at St. Andrews. My 2nd daughter was married there.
    Would love to hear Pastor Gary preach again. When will he start to preach? ✝️

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