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Jake Olson’s Powerful Testimony

September 13, 2010 0 Share

A tremendous thanks to the Olson family for sharing their powerful testimony during all services this past weekend.

12 year old, Jake Olson discovered in September of last year that his right eye was to be lost to retinoblastoma, a cancer that earlier had taken his left eye. Fully aware that his upcoming surgery would render him blind, Jake maintained a great sense of courage and faith throughout the entire process. He put his faith in God and this allowed him to embrace every moment leading up to the surgery, including meeting and becoming an honorary member of his favorite football team. His incredible story was inspiring and much appreciated at all four services.

If you missed this powerful weekend:

Click Here to listen to the sermon.

Watch the ┬áJake Olson’s interview at St. Andrew’s below:

Watch ┬áJake Olson’s powerful story below:


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