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Jenn Baltazar on Marriage within Community

September 11, 2018 1 Comment Share

Jenn-Baltazar-+-Fam_blogEvery year, countless families gather at Forest Home Family Camp for a sweet time of fellowship, worship, and bonding together. Jenn Baltazar and her husband, Philip, along with their two children, visited this year for their first family vacation as parents. Jenn shares how this experience impacted her in some unexpected ways…

“What a week! Most of it will remain speechless in the lasting impact it will have on our family. What I can put into words is our incredible pastor team who nailed it 100% when they described this time in our life (and most marriages) as the “forgotten years,” where intimacy and quality time are at an all-time low. Many couples even question the promise of a lifetime together with their spouse…until Forest Home brought Justin Unger and his incredible lyrics as the thread that wove together a tapestry of our faith’s unfailing promise in Christ, on-point preaching, nature’s splendor, mountain adventures, and countless moments of laughter.”

Jenn found a second community at Family Camp that enveloped and surrounded her in the love of Christ. She continues, “There were old and new unions strengthened with the 60 people in attendance from St. Andrew’s. We have shared life’s ups and downs together, related to moments of brokenness, and delighting in joys that can only be found when we drink deeply from God’s forgiveness and grace.” Jenn describes the best part as “being able to enjoy the splendor only a mama could know with the ones she raised from first breath and the partner she chose until death do us part.” She affirms, “This week I truly saw my husband again, past our trials, miscommunication, and different opinions all the way down to his heart. The heart that God so lovingly bestowed in him for me to cherish. Thank you, St. Andrew’s!”

It is amazing how much we can gain by stepping outside our comfort zone and engaging with those around us while being vulnerable and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. To read more stories like this, Click Here to check out the latest issue of Table magazine!

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  1. Ty Tratar says:

    I knew your husband from Newport Harbor. Great guy!

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