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Judy St. Sure and the Gift of Compassion

June 19, 2018 1 Comment Share


Creating space for people to belong can often come in the form of helping the ministries at St. Andrew’s. Often, people find that the more they serve, the more they grow in compassion for others and a love for God. Sometimes there are even surprises when we serve locally – like running into people we know, as in the case of Judy St. Sure when she volunteered to serve with the food team…

“It began with the food team,” says Judy. “I volunteered to bring food to a family in Newport Beach. My husband, Ken, went with me to help deliver dinner for a woman named Mary and her elderly mom, Margie. What a surprise when we realized Mary had worked for my husband’s company for several years and we knew her from another employer she had in our local shopping center! This began quite a journey with this family, and it continues today with only Mary. Her 92-year-old mother passed away in April of last year and left Mary without the ability to continue their rent payment. Enter some St. Andrew’s saints who helped her find a new home to share with a very doable rent – and in the neighborhood where she’d resided for over 32 years.”

God used Judy, Ken, and other St. Andrew’s members to help Mary during a difficult time in her life. God works in us and through us, teaching us more about His heart through acts of service. “Helping with the food team opened my eyes to the extreme need in our community, of how paralyzing financial needs can be. My compassion towards this has increased tenfold.” Judy sees Mary frequently and is able to be a friend, sharing life’s ups and downs.

If you are interested in learning more about local service opportunities, email missions@opulent-decision.flywheelsites.com. To read more stories like this, Click Here to check out the latest issue of Table magazine!

One response to “Judy St. Sure and the Gift of Compassion”

  1. Judy,
    What a wonderful story with Ken and your food delivery. It is amazing what a small world it is indeed!
    Do hope you are both doing well and thank you for sharing
    your story of giving!

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