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Paula Zeller and the Power of Prayer

February 6, 2018 3 Comments Share


Creating spaces for people to belong begins in the heart. When we open our hearts to others through authentic, consistent outreaches of friendship, true community can take root. Saying hello to someone, remembering their name, asking about their life, asking how you can pray for them, and inviting them to coffee or a church event are simple acts of outreach that demonstrate care. Paula Zeller is a St. Andrew’s member whose story is an inspiring example of how little things can mean so much.

“Danny and Betty would come to worship, and I would chat a little with them before and after,” says Paula. “Betty shared how Danny was to have surgery for cancer. Every Sunday, I would check back to see how things were going.” Because Paula took the time to extend the hand of friendship and ask about their lives, she knew how to pray for them and shared these prayers with Danny and Betty. Sometimes prayer is the only thing we can offer – and it’s powerful.

“One Sunday, they both shared how God had blessed them that week especially,” says Paula. “Betty pointed out how the prayers were effective. As for me, I was especially blessed. God’s love overflowed from them to me, and I look forward to seeing them come to worship each week. I was reminded that God uses other people we meet to reach us, inspire us, teach us, and supplement us.”

This is a great example that when we give, we also receive and are blessed. It also demonstrates that we are ministers and disciples everywhere we go. Our daily lives provide constant opportunities to share God’s love and create a space for belonging. To read more stories like this, Click Here to check out the latest issue of Table magazine!

3 responses to “Paula Zeller and the Power of Prayer”

  1. Ruth Lampe says:

    Paula, you are such a dear person and your story of prayer brings me joy. What a privilege intimate communion is with the Father of our Spirits. Listen to the whispers of God’s love. Bless you for knowing what is important.

  2. Bill LIghtcap says:

    both you and your mother have been an inspiration to all of us. You are always there. You always have a big smile. You are greeting and helping others.
    You are a blessing to all of us.

  3. Bill & Jean Stewart says:

    Thank you for all you do and your ministry of prayer. I am touched.

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