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KC Kroeger on Life Together

July 24, 2018 0 Share


Each summer, St. Andrew’s families have an opportunity to go to Forest Home Family Camp in Forest Falls, CA as a group to bond with one another, hear teachings about God’s word, experience worship, recharge emotionally and spiritually, and have fun together! Activities include zip lining, swimming and hiking, journaling in the Chapel or worshipping together. It is a memorable time in a picturesque mountain setting that blends relaxation, recreation, and reconnection with dynamic speakers and age-specific special programs. This is a focused time to connect with the family we have and the church family around us while deepening our intimacy with God.

KC Kroeger has attended Family Camp for over 20 years and finds it to be an important time for getting to know each other and digging deeper into God’s word. From dining and worshipping together to experiencing outdoor adventures, crafts, discussions, lake activities, and more, families get to create lasting memories and lasting friendships.

“This past year, 14 families from our church went to Camp, and got to know each other and become a church family,” says KC. “Many of the families had never met each other, but after a week of time together experiencing God and having adventures together, we came home as an extended family. We expanded our table by eating together and are now worshipping together and doing life with new friends.”

The decision to vacation to Family Camp has lasting impact. “We grew in our faith and in friendship,” says KC. “Now we get to experience life together as we worship, serve God, and live our lives.” By investing time in family, friends, God and each other, our deep need for connection is strengthened and we are more renewed and better to serve others. Experiencing life together is so much sweeter when we have shared experiences and times together with God.

For more information on this and our other Family Ministries activities, please visit www.sapres.org/ministries/kids-students-families. To read more stories like this, Click Here to check out the latest issue of Table magazine!

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