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Kenya Team Update

August 27, 2015 1 Comment Share

Here are some recent photos sent from our Kenya Team:

Team members Tom Brock and Larry Beaty on a site walk of the current school grounds at the right is the building of the new primary school building.
Seneca Fuller assisting local nurses in administering medications to community members.
Kelly Rielly and Brant Bucher administering de-worming pills to students as part of school health and immunization measures.
Ron Brown preaching to a conference of pastors organized by members of Side by Side Ministries.

One response to “Kenya Team Update”

  1. John Amina says:

    Am very greatful to the Lord I was part of this great move of God in in our Nation and to partispate as an interpreter.may the Lord bless the team and the whole of St Andrews church for alowing the Lord to use you in our land .
    John Amina
    Outreach Community church
    Box 637 Sare Awendo 40405 E.A.Kenya
    Phone +254720734200

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