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Family Advent Calendar

December 11, 2019 0 Share

The Advent Devotional Calendar is a tool created to help families walk through the Christmas story one or two verses at a time from December 1 – 25.

On each day, you will find one scripture reference card and one discipleship card. The scripture reference cards are designed to help your child practice looking up verses in the Bible and committing scripture to memory. The discipleship cards each correspond to that day’s scripture reference card and are designed to help your child daily engage their critical thinking skills while teaching them the practice of listening prayer. Each question to ponder on the daily devotional card was written to take the reading of that day’s verse to the next level of understanding, through invitations for articulation, active response, and prayers formed in a question to God. I pray this tool helps your family connect with Jesus and the wonder of the incarnation of Christ this Christmas. 

Some ideas to enhance your advent devotional calendar experience: 

  1. Print the cards and number squares for each day. 
  2. The cards are labeled with the number that corresponds to the day in the upper left-hand corner. Put both cards with matching numbers (Scripture reference card and devotional card) in an envelope labeled with the matching number square.
  3. Clip each day’s cards to a ribbon and string up in a location where your child can reach. 
  4. As you work your way through the days, help your child look up that day’s scripture reference in the Bible (when strung together, the series of 25 passages will link up to tell the whole Christmas story, but you may want to remind your child of the context for that day’s scripture if they need help framing it within the storyline).
  5. Invite your child to write the verse on the back of the card or in a notebook and then help them commit it to memory throughout the day. If they succeed in memorizing it, be sure to reward them with a sticker which they can either put on the outside of the envelope for that day or in their scripture notebook. 
  6. Read through the “things to think about” prompt for that day and discuss that day’s verse together. Try not to isolate this discussion to one moment, but talk about it throughout the day, i.e. on your way to school, while you are eating dinner, tucking them into bed, etc. This will help them build the practice of meditating on Scripture throughout the day and learning how to engage in listening prayer. 

Praying for you and your family to have a wonderful Advent season! 

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