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Lauren Quinn’s Tribe

January 22, 2019 2 Comments Share

Lauren Quinn grew up attending St. Andrew’s in middle school but left to go away to college in Virginia. After graduating and working abroad for years, she shares what it was like to come back “home” to her church family – this time, as a mom!

“There is nothing better than the feeling of being home! Coming back to St. Andrew’s as an adult felt like coming home. My husband and I joined as members in 2013 and we baptized our daughter Sierra in 2016. I attended bible studies and services but still didn’t feel completely connected. When I was asked to join the leadership team to help guide the Mom’s Program at St. Andrew’s, I felt like God was calling me to invest back into my new community, my village of moms! Tribe: A Place for Moms kicked off in September of last year and I am thrilled to be serving in a ministry that I so deeply need to keep me sane as a mom of young kids!”

Tribe was born out of a desire for fellowship amongst moms of all stages. The belief is that mothering takes a village and connection is key. Every Wednesday morning, women gather together to discuss topics ranging from parenting to marriage, self-care, and more.

Click Here to learn more about Tribe and our other ministries.

2 responses to “Lauren Quinn’s Tribe”

  1. kyle says:

    Love this born leader, awesome mom and Wahoo!

  2. Maureen Garretson says:

    Dear Lauren, Life is such a long journey and our paths sometimes take us to strange places, where we are planted to be with people who seem so different to us at times. However, God willed us to be there and you are now finding your place in His kingdom. Great that the “Mom’s” tribe is the place you have found and that God has placed you in. In the journey God has prescribed for me he has taken me to some amazing places to be alongside equally amazing people. Stay patient and you will find this to be an exciting and fulfilling place to be. Thanks for sharing your story. In His name, Maureen Garretson

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