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Letters from the Mission Field: Romania Team Day 4

July 30, 2009 0 Share

Sunday, July 26

Up and out by 9:45 a.m. this morning and we were on our way to the first of three church services for today. The first service was in the city of Zalou, where our hotel is. It was what we’d call a lengthy service, lasted a little over 2 hours. A typical Romanian Sunday service begins with singing, followed by a prayer time for whoever in the congregation to pray aloud, then scripture reading, worship time, more prayer time, the preaching, and closing worship time.

Today as we arrived we were introduced to the congregation and Paul shared our mission plans for the next two weeks. After the intro we sang SIX worship songs, (Led by Jeremy Searcy and beautifully harmonized by Kay Doerr and Nancy Ouellette) some in English and some in Romanian. Although our Romanian is not quite up to par, one could tell those in the congregation greatly appreciated the attempt. Jason Griffice got up and spoke about the Youth Conference that will happen next week and his passion for putting the fire for Christ in the youth of today. Job well done J-town…job well done. Paul then preached in English so that we too could hear the message and had a FANTASTIC translator named Haniejl (Danel with an “h”).



After the service we met our volunteer translators who we will be teaming up with for the VBS next week in the town of Pusta Vale. The majority of the translators are all pretty young, between the ages of 16-25. They all speak English beautifully as they are taught in school and then practice it as much as they can when at home. Every one of them seemed so excited for what was to come this week (except for the 7:00 a.m. call time tomorrow morning).




We hopped back on the bus and traveled 25 minutes to our next church service. On the way, Paul Muresan shared that this town was the place he grew up in. This town was definitely in the countyside, with no running water, and water buffalos and chickens hanging out on the roads. This church was very conservative with all women wearing skirts or dresses and those married or Pentecostal had scarves covering their heads. Fun fact about Romanian churches is that the men and women sit on separate sides of the church. Paul Fabian gave his testimony and had many in tears. He did a fantastic job! Paul also preached at this church, and we attemped a repeat performance of our Romanian worship songs. We manage to get a little better each time…just wait til next week!






The third and final church was where Paul Muresan’s wife, Tatiana, grew up. We got a sneak peak of that church as it has just been re-done and will be dedicated next month. Paul preached again and remarkably never repeated sermon. Once again we managed to get through the 6 worship songs, the smiles on the congregations faces could only began to show how much they appreciated our being there. As i’m sure you can imagine, energy was pretty low at the end of the last service, and looking around one could find a few of the team members dozing off…not to name any names but…Jeremy, Ken, Jason…

– Jason got his luggage this morning. Believe me, we are ALL overjoyed that that man finally has clean clothes to wear. 😉
– Weather has been fantastic. It’s been in the 80’s but with a really nice breeze and gorgeous clouds all over the place.
– Weather’s been great, but the HUNDREDS of mosquitos…not soo much. We’ve seen many cases of bumpy, itchy arms and legs…and even a toe oddly enough (Andrew Griffice). With the help from Paul Fabian and his Jungle Juice repellent, we’ll have better luck tonight…hopefully…
– Healthwise everyone is doing pretty well, but still getting used to the time change. There are more than a few team members waking up at about 4:00 in the morning…bummer…
– VBS starts tomorrow can’t wait!

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