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Men’s Team Rolls Up Their Sleeves to Bless Neighbors

May 4, 2015 0 Share

St. Andrews’ Men’s Fellowship recently lived out our mission to follow Jesus Christ to lead lives that reveal God’s goodness in a big way. After hosting MIKA Executive Director Christine Nolf for a speaking event, numerous men decided to roll up their sleeves and refresh MIKA’s tutoring center on Maple Street in Costa Mesa.


The project involved cleaning out antiquated desks and computers, patching holes, stripping old paint, repairing doors, adding bookcases and shelves, painting walls and installing new flooring.  It was a multi-week project where the team worked with other community volunteers and local family members to get the job done.


Project Lead Steve Fryer said, “We are so pleased to serve the community in their needs all in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” With our church’s emphasis on Education-related ministry, refurbishing the tutoring center is a huge win, as it will help our Costa Mesa neighbors to identify and develop their God-given gifts.


Saint Andrews has a long history of working with Mika and supporting its mission of identifying and equipping leaders in low-income neighborhoods to build communities with “VISION.” Learn more at www.mikacdc.org.


The Men’s Ministry is engaged in a variety of ministry projects. Email aysobill@aol.com for the next opportunity to serve.

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