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NorthEast of the Well Weekend Recap

May 24, 2017 0 Share

It was a joy to have our friends from NorthEast of the Well with us in services this last weekend! NorthEast of the Well exists to bring God’s word into places of desperate need, with a focus on those in recovery and restoration and a desire to intervene in the lives of those who are struggling to overcome addiction and brokeness.NEOW weekend 1_blogOne of the many reasons why this ministry is close to our hearts is because it was birthed out of St. Andrew’s! It began as a Bible Study and outreach to a local recovery home when Laura Johnson Suk served as the Minister of Missions. It then grew so large that it was moved to different homes and eventually launched as its own non-profit. They meet at St. Andrew’s every Monday night to eat and worship together, but they also minister each week in Anaheim and Long Beach, Orange, Tustin and in the jails in Santa Ana.

NEOW weekend 3Kristel, Bethany, and Mel join the worship team for the day.

During his sermon, Rev. Chap Clark said, “God’s in the business of restoring brokenness.” This was beautifully demonstrated as we heard incredible testimonies of how God has redeemed the life of those who were caught in a life of addiction and brokenness, who are now walking in the freedom that Christ gave them. It was wonderful to hear such powerful testimonies, demonstrating the richness of Chap’s message on Kingdom living.

NEOW weekend 2_blogShannon, from the Anaheim ministry with Heritage House North Recovery Home shares her story with our congregation.

For more in this and our other ministry partnerships, please visit www.sapres.org/extendingthefamily.

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