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Notes from the Uganda Team

July 27, 2010 0 Share

Uganda Mission Team Photos
Day 8
Our last full day in Kishanje, the group went to Morning Glory and it was wonderful as always. Many of the group members worked again in the school and read to children in the primary school. The knitting crew did more crafts in the vocational school and watched the girls make some crafts. Hilary and Roz went to the Secondary School’s soccer game and cheered them on. The fellowship with the secondary students is really wonderful and it is amazing to see how God is working through our team. God is real and He is evident in Uganda. Sally, Jacqueline, Shannon, and Laura drove with a team from Illinois to the Kigali Airport located in Rwanda. We had fellowship with the team and visited the Genocide Memorial Center. It was incredibly graphic and sad but a good reminder of what humans are capable of without the love of God.
Uganda Mission Team Photos
Day 9
Travel Day. Our team left Kishanje and headed out to a local beautiful lake. We hiked down the rest of the mountain and traveled by boat to our vehicles. We then journeyed to Mbarara where we visited an all boys secondary boarding school and helped lead their chapel. The worship service was not mandatory and the boys present were hungry for God’s word. We were extremely encouraged by their faith.
Uganda Mission Team Photos
Day 10
After a 3:50 a.m. wake up call, our team headed out to Queen Elizabeth National Forest. In our first part, we drove through the beautiful African plains and saw all of God’s untouched and amazing creation. Elephants, Water Bucks, Warthogs, Ugandan Cobbs, and Bison were spotted. The team was so excited! Then we were fortunate enough to take a boat ride on the channel between Lake George and Lake Edward. There we saw more elephants, hippos, and monitor lizards. We were blessed by another team onboard the boat that came from the U.K. that are here in Uganda for a month. There are working with a local Christian Ministry that works to provide sanitary water. It was wonderful to meet people from other places that love the Lord and are doing Kingdom work. At the end of the day, we went to an all girls secondary school and shared testimonies and worship. The Lord’s presence was evident in the air and our team, although tired, gained strength from God. Many people shared testimonies, and Godfrey, a Juna Amagara staff member wrapped things up. An alter call ended the service and almost half the room surrendered their lives to Christ! This was a trip highlight for most.
Uganda Mission Team Photos
Day 11
Cathedral Visit! Dennis preached at the 7am service, Laura preached at the 9am, and Godfrey preached at the 11am service. Testimonies were shared and new felt very welcomed by the people there. We then traveled to a Christian school and shared God’s word and testimonies. This school had a very different feel but God was glorified nonetheless. Our team is now well practiced at chapel services and they run a lot more smoothly now! We are still amazed at the ability of teachers and students to learn and worship God without all the things we think we need to make a service happen.
Uganda Mission Team Photos
Day 12
We traveled from Fort Portal to Kyemjojo. We are four hours west of Kampala. We talked at six different schools yesterday!! We went to two primary schools as a team in the morning, and were incredibly blessed by the patience and love for God by students and faculty. One headmistress in particular radiated God’s joy and she was an inspiration for us all. Once we reached Kyemjojo, we split into three smaller teams and each did testimonies and alter calls at two schools per group. It was wonderful, many students and even a teacher accepted the Lord into their hearts. These kind of experiences are what makes the long travel worth it! God is present and lives are being won for the Kingdom.
Uganda Mission Team Photos
Day 13
Our team is headed to the airport today. Please pray for us as we travel to Brussels, New York, and then home! We cannot wait to share more in depth testimonies of what God did here in Uganda, and also what God has shown our team. We all come home changed, with different perspectives and sure that the love of Christ preceded us.


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