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Paxton Bryant on the Community of Refuge

July 31, 2018 0 Share


Newport Harbor High School student, Paxton Bryant, is part of our Refuge group on Monday nights. She shares how her involvement there has helped widen her vision of God and maintain a godly perspective…

“Refuge has completely changed my life for the better. I have always believed in God, but Refuge has helped me see Him working in my life. I have realized that I have Him to thank for all my blessings, mainly being the amazing group of girls I found at Refuge. They have shown me such unconditional love and support. God has truly given me the community always prayed for. My relationship with Him is a work in progress and Refuge has helped keep me connected to God in the times where I pull away from him. Through Refuge, God always brings me back to Him and reminds me what is important.”

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