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PHA-Chromebooks (COVID-19)

May 1, 2020 0 Share

Project Hope Alliance (PHA), one of St. Andrew’s ministry partners and where many of your food donations for the motel residents called Adopt-a-Family, does much more than provide food for families experiencing homelessness—they also care about and focus on children’s education. Distance learning is tough for everyone, but it poses a unique challenge to students without access to computers or stable Wi-Fi, and whose family is all living in one small motel room. This makes schoolwork incredibly difficult for children and teens experiencing homelessness with their families, but thankfully, PHA is there to help.

During the COVID-19 crisis, PHA is able to donate to motel families, one Chromebook for every two children. Additionally, they’re working to provide complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots for up to six months so that students can do their distance learning. One family was offered two Chromebooks, but declined them since they had internet access and wanted another family in need to have access to online resources.

Different families have different needs, but each are working with PHA to be generous and to provide for one another. Your food donations, supermarket gift cards, and generous funding for COVID-19 relief is so valuable and appreciated.

This is a strange season for many, but as we lean into where the Spirit is leading, may we lean into generosity and faith. For more information about this and other ways to help or seek help, visit our COVID-19 response Here.

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